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Hakuho-ryu Aiki Budo is a martial system that comes from the kobudo of Daito-ryu Aikijujitsu. While preserving its Japanese cultural origins, Hakuho-ryu focuses on dispelling the mysticism which is usually associated with martial arts that trace their roots back to the kobudo. To accomplish this goal, Hakuho-ryu emphasizes a scientific approach to learning Budo. This approach focuses on five major areas of training: body movement, studying the composition of the human body, mental and physical development through breath training, understanding of the self, and development of the five senses. Each of these areas fulfills an important role in the development of the individual both in Hakuho-ryu and as a person.
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This is a Hakuho Ryu member community weblog. It is also a link to web pages of the various international Hakuho Ryu schools.
People who are new to this system should follow the Links to Hakuho Ryu dojos to get basic information on this system of kobudo.

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